HIT-Venture: Health Innovation & Technology

HIT Venture redefines traditional IT consulting by combining interdisciplinary healthcare expertise and technology to enhance agency performance. This joint venture pairs two award-winning small businesses, eGlobalTech and Clinton Rubin, with complementary expertise in health IT policy, management, and implementation.

HIT Venture members support multiple concurrent award-winning programs throughout the Federal Government. For example, we lead the strategic program management and IT and operational support to streamline billing, revenue capture, and recovery management operations for the Military Health System DOD-wide, leveraging our knowledge of health systems and data to develop and implement policy, business processes, education and training, data quality, and performance management and analysis capabilities. At the Department of Homeland Security, we led the integration of national biological, chemical, and infectious disease monitoring systems to accelerate the identification and coordinated response to potential health emergencies. We directly managed all aspects of operations including IT for Medicaid managed care subcontractors in DC, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, and Texas.

Our Healthcare Center of Excellence (HCoE) offers research and policy expertise from visionaries in Government, academia, industry, and the nonprofit sector. HCoE expands interdisciplinary collaboration and communication, creating and identifying cross-cutting IT for use in health-focused missions. Our team and clients benefit from HCoE’s thought leadership through original research, literature reviews, white papers, and telephonic and in-person consultation.